VieDispatch customers receive many customization options not seen in other web-based products. Customers may generate an Unlimited number of Sections and Fields. For example users may insert a section in the Customer Form with Fields for information that do not exist inside the existing customer form, similar to a section labeled, "More Customer Information" with fields for "Birth Date" and "Spouse Name" can be customized in a few seconds.

Web-Based HVAC Scheduling Software


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Let VieDispatch HVAC Software Go to work for You

HVAC Software

As your company is constantly evolving, it is very crucial to obtain software that can change with it. As VieDispatch is web-based, you can collect instant data on several mobile devices enabling crucial information to be obtainable where it is wanted-when it is needed.

Customizable Web-Based Product

By using the newest web technologies, VieDispatch customers have numerous customization options not often found in any browser-based applications. Customers can create an unlimited number of “Sections” and “Fields” in the existing tables / forms.

For example you can add a section in the Customer Form that contains fields for information that does not exist in the standard customer form, such as adding a section titled, “More Customer Information” with fields for “Birth Date”, “Gender”, “Married” (Y/N), “Spouse Name”, “Children Names”, and “Favorite Colors” can be completed in a few minutes using VieDispatch’s customization features .

For more information check out our wiki site on Customizing VieDispatch Software. or contact us and see how we can assist you better run your business.

Manage Customers, Technicians, Orders, Estimates, and Service Agreements

VieDispatch's HVAC Scheduling Software will assist you in your effort to more effectively manage service calls, automate procedures, and increase efficiency in your HVAC business. VieDispatch’s Fast web platforms opens the door to real-time data, anywhere – anytime you have a web connection.

VieDispatch software is specifically intended designed for HVAC service companies. It's completely customizable and is simply customized to fit your individual HVAC software requirements.

Manage Customers with VieDispatch CRM

Using VieDispatch HVAC Service Software to manage your customer relationship is simple.

  • Customers can have multiple locations with multiple contacts.
  • “Child Work Orders” can be added for work orders that need to be assigned to more than one (1) technician or necessitate many schedules.
  • Data (Serial Number, Model, Make, Manufacturer, Manufacture Date, Warranty, etc.) on Customer’s “Equipment” (water heater, water softener, disposal, etc.) are easily recorded and tracked.
  • Customer history is displayed at the bottom of the customer form including work orders, payments, and service agreements.
  • A individual customer is easy to locate by means of VieDispatch’s search features.

Direct Field Technicians with VieDispatch's Field Tech Automation Capability

As our HVAC Service Company Software is web-based, Field Technicians with an internet connected mobile devices can increase the number of tasks they complete in a week. Work Order and Invoice information needs to be entered into the system one time, removing the overhead and data inaccuracy caused by double data entry.

  • Field Technician can be automatically notified by email once a job is assigned to them.
  • The email contains a link that directs the tech quickly to the job assigned and is displayed on his or her internet connected mobile tool.
  • The Field Tech completes the job at the costomers location and can send out a PDF of the invoice to the customer in an email or a printed copy of the invoice can be given to the customer.
  • The Technician is able to then open his or her next job and continue on his or her way.

Managing Work Orders with VieDispatch’s Visual Scheduler

Dispatch Scheduler

Monitoring Technicians and scheduled Orders is made painless by VieDispatch’s Visual Scheduler.

  • All technicians with their work orders can be viewed in a “daily” or “weekly” calendar, making it simple to verify who is available at a given time for a new job.
  • The technician's status is shown with an icon (On-Site, In Route, Call to Confirm) on the job.
  • Selecting a job in the Visual Scheduler launches the “Quick-Edit” window where a job can be reassigned, rescheduled, and the status modified.
Dispatch Scheduler Edit Window

Easier HVAC Estimating with automatic STEPS™

VieDispatch utilizes its proprietary STEPS™ feature to handle the numerous procedures included in the HVAC estimating process. STEPS™ allows you to manage the estimating process the way you have shown is best for your HVAC business. This is achieved by automatically sending emails to users based upon the value in a given field. For example, when the field technician clicks the "complete" icon on the estimate proposal, an email can automatically be sent to appropriate person for authorization. All emails can contain a link, that after being selected, will automatically take the tech to his or her step within the process.

Check out VieDispatch's HVAC estimating software free with our Starter Package.

Scheduling Your Service Agreements has Never Been Easier!!

VieDispatch HVAC Software makes it painless to schedule service appointments required in Service Agreements. The bottom portion of the Visual Scheduler displays the Service Agreement service calls that are waiting to be scheduled. Customer Service can easily schedule these visits by selecting them.

Now you may relax and move your focus to a different area of your business while our HVAC Software helps your staff to never forget a required visit of your Service Agreements.

Custom Development

VieDispatch is committed to providing users with the finest HVAC software available and will promptly assist you to customize our software to meet your needs.