Service Business Software - Easy Data Access

Easy Data Access – Access Your Data Anytime, Anywhere

VieDispatch Service Company Software reduces time, space, and the money you use to support the revenue-producing activities of your business. VieDispatch Service Company Software is Web-based, eliminating file cabinets full of documents, double-entering of data, inaccurate or out-of- date information, loading applications on computers, upgrading applications, and version compatibility problems.
Service Company Software: Web
  • Reduces IT costs
  • No hardware to buy
  • Easier management of multiple locations
  • No software to install and keep updated
  • May eliminate your company data server
  • Eliminates version compatibility issues

Data is Available Anywhere, Anytime

With web-based software, Users can access company data anywhere, anytime they have internet access. In today’s competitive marketplace, the availability of real-time, accurate data is critical to remaining competitive (HE WHO HAS THE DATA WINS). Managers can respond to critical issues from home or a hotel.

Mobile Device Access

Users of internet enabled devices (smart phones, tablets, iPads, etc.) are getting use to their data sources being available through their mobile devices – it is becoming the norm and the expectation. Companies that use Web Technology, especially with their Field Techs, are viewed as being professional. Additionally, customers of these companies intuitively know that it will be easier to communicate and to access their data on their electronic devices, the way they have grown used to.

This is only possible through the use of web-based technologies. Today’s mobile technologies have changed the expectations of users in almost every aspect of their lives. Desktop software is increasingly viewed as being out of date and behind on technology.

Easier Management of Multiple Locations

Web Based software makes it much easier to manage multiple locations, including the management of Franchises. Web Technology reduces the number of times a manager needs to be “on-site” to solve problems. Franchisors can offer increased services to their franchisees and can have a real-time, global view of overall franchisee operations.

Reduce IT Costs

  • No Hardware to Buy

    Many Service Companies have been able to eliminate their Server, and the IT costs associated with it, when they switched to a Web Based Software System to manage their business operations. No more worries about your server going down and wondering if your IT guy has the skills to fix it. The amount of money needed to purchase a Server will cover the cost of VieDispatch Service Company Software for more than two years!!

  • No Installation of Software

    Web-based software ran on the user’s browser never needs to be installed on employee computers. No more software that freezes up and computers that crash during software installation.

  • Eliminates Software Updates

    Web-based software accessed through the user’s browser is always using the latest version of the software. Your IT department will no longer have to install updates on the company server and on every user’s computer. Installing updates for desktop software is both costly and annoying.

    Software updates can cause several other problems including;

    • Crash the users Operating System
    • Cause the software application to freeze up
    • Cause malfunctions with Drivers
  • Eliminates Operating System Version Compatibility Issues

    Web-based software is operating system independent. It works the same when accessed from a web browser running on Windows XP, 2000, 7, etc. This is also true for all versions of Macintosh operating systems.

  • Lower Purchase Cost

    Web Based software is almost always significantly less expensive than off-the-shelf software because many costs are eliminated including, printed materials (Manuals, boxes, CDs, marketing, etc.).

All of these and other advantages of web-based software frees up resources in both monetary and human capitol.

In today’s aggressive service market, a company must obtain the tools to run their operations with a lower overhead expense and with greater efficiencies than ever before. A business’s ability to consistently apply the latest technologies continues to be one of the most significant factors in a company’s continued competitiveness. Customer Service Agents and Dispatchers require software whose performance enables them to manage more calls and work orders every day. Field Techs should be fitted with web enabled devices (Smart Phones, iPads, computer tablets, etc.) to provide “real-time” data and to eliminate redundancy such as double entry of data(Field Tech fills out hand-written invoice at the job-site and Data Clerks enter data into the desktop software).

VieDispatch service business software utilizes high performance, revolutionary customization features, and adherence to best practices. Which are the tools that will create greater effectiveness throughout a Service Company’s operations.

VieDispatch is the best technology tool a Service Company can purchase to help them achieve their goals. Here is how VieDispatch service business software helps accomplish your goals

  • Happy Customers through excellent Customer Service
    • VieDispatch users have everything about every customer right at their fingertips. On the customer page, users are able to easily see every customer activities including, work order and payment history.
    • Using the Pic-A-TechTM feature, customers can receive automatic emails with a picture and short bio of the technician that will be arriving at their residence. Studies show that most women are uncomfortable opening a door to a service technician they do not recognize.
  • Highly skilled employees who create increased customer loyalty through high-performance and attention to detail
    • Using the “Before and After Picture” feature, field technicians are reminded to leave the job-site cleaner than they found it.
  • Increased Efficiency throughout all Departments
    • VieDispatch service business software allows users to access company data from anywhere, anytime an internet connection is obtainable.
    • Using the “real-time” data provided by VieDispatch’s web software, management and employees can make quicker, better informed decisions.
  • Elevated adherence to company procedures and policies
    • VieDispatch’s proprietary “STEPS” features enables VieDispatch programmers to custom build process steps that are exclusive to the customer.